Senior Project Proposal


Week 1: My project will be to track, mix, and master a four track EP for a Philadelphia born MC that goes by the name of Barakade. The instrumentals are produced by BanginOutBeatz Productions and will be mixed there as well. Some if not most if the individual instruments will be recorded live, and what isn't tracked live will be re-amped @Ai Studios. I have incorperated some of the instrumentals being used although they will be stripped and re recorded. 

He So Ill (B.A.R.S.) - Barakade
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Kades In the Game - Barakade
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Hoze Dont Get It - Barakade
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Barakade-EP Schedule

Week 2: I did alot of the pre production this week. I removed all plugins from original versions of the beats, adjusted all the levels for the mixes to be done, and printed out 2 tracks to record the vocals over. I also got in contact with guitar players/bassists to track some of the instruments live. Things weren't as glamorous as they sound, so unfortunately I didn't include any pictures of my prints to show, but MUCH MORE to come next week.

Week 3: So far, I have recorded vocals over Hoze Don't Get It. The verses and hooks are tracked out and later on this weekend, I will do my best to record another track. Also, I am in the middle of producing the 4th instrumental so next week during my update, I should be able to show and tell. I have included a screen shots of my signal chain for tracking vocals along with the vocal track laid over the beat... along with just the vocal track if anyone wants to practice their mixing... along with the instrumental itself.... the vocals start around 30 seconds into the file so if you drop it right in with the instrumental, it should sync up perfectly.... and its 48k/24.... hope you enjoy!!!

UA 710 Pre Into an Apollo interface, and I use the Neve 1073 channel strip w/ Unison mic pre to saturate the harmonics, add a little color, open up the top end a bit, and cut out the boxiness. I use the UA 1176 Aniversary Edition because it has a 2:1 ratio which i think is fantastic for tracking vocals so you dont worry so much about clipping, but nothing gets squashed.

Week 4: I didn't want to track any more vocals this week yet, I want to save them for later in the quarter, so I did some admin work in my sessions, printed the wavs from different DAW's into wavs for protoolsprinted some of my plugs on my tracks and got some of them ready for my session this week on Saturday, which will be re-amping my bass lines and keys. Maybe printing some drums out also and reamping them too? I will post more later in the week. I am a little ahead of schedule compared to my original project, so at the moment, I don't have a "ton" of work to do and since i didn't record anything, no audio, and since pics of session imports aren't sexy, I hope these pics from week 4's session are ;) 

Week 5: This week was all about re amping. I reamped my basslines, I reamped some of the vocal's i've tracked through the twin super... I paralleled the vocals on both 1176 and the TLA (so far, i am liking the 76 more then the TLA, it cuts through better and sits very well in the mix), then i deleted the reamp of the vocals, it sounded like garbage (but it got me very familiar with the gate on the board). All in all it was a rather productive week both sonically and with getting more familiar sending signal around both rooms in the studio.Wix isn't letting me upload pics, I am getting extremely weird HTML errors so please forgive the lack of pics here, I will show anyone who wants to see them in person in class.

Hoze Dont Get It-Reamped - Unknown Artist
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Hoze Dont Get It-Orginal - Barakade
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Week 6:  I decided to skip class today because I dont like my gen ed classes  and I'd rather record vocals then learn about something in an art class. I made this beat last week (late submission for the project) in Maschine, bounced the 2 track into pro tools, recorded the vox over it, then bounced the waves into pro tools for the instrumental to mix down at a later time. All of the vocals are edited, and set at decent levels. Later on this week I will track vox for my 3rd track, as well as come up with a list I will need for sound efx for the tracks and begin to record those also.

Kade's In the Game - Barakade
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Week 7:  This week I wanted to record something different for my senior project. So far, everything has been pretty agressive, so I wanted to slow things down for a track. My input settings were the same, same mic pre, same compressor in, and the sound sample is the first verse.

Asawa Ko - First Verse - Barakade
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Week 8: This week, my session to record vocals got cancelled, so I decided to reamp and send my vocals through the ouboard gear. All of the reamping sounded the same as what I already have, with no improvement, but I will show you the pics I took. The guitar cab is set up the same as I had the bass, I just forgot to take pics of the bass cab when it was set up. I used the console and ran the API eq and the TLA100 as an insert (pics included). Next week, I will be recording the vocals for my last song.

Kades In the Game ft. Tony Aboyan - Barakade
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Week 9: I recorded the 'intro' to my senior project called breath control.  I tried a slightly different chain for my vocals,  not sure if im a huge fan of it, but I went with the solid state transformer on the mic pre into an 1176 'E' version, Pultec EQ, Summit TLA compressor, then a simple deessssssssssssser. With this recorded, I am now ready to begin mixing, which i will start next week.

Intro-Bref Control - Barakade
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Week 10: This week I got all my rough mixes together to submit for my final project. All documentation for each track submitted through e-companion.  Included in my online submission this week are the 4 tracks being used for SP1 and SP2. These demo tracks are for promotional use only and not intended to be sold (at this time), although all instrumentals on these records are available.

Senior Project 2

My senior project will be to produce, write, record, mix, master, and provide artwork for a 4 track EP under the artist name Barakade for BanginOutBeatz Productions. The genre of the music is hip hop. At this present time, all recordings are complete and all tracks are ready to be mixed/mastered.

Week 1: This week, I established my plan of action to complete my project by week 8. I incorperated my quarterly plan below and will begin mixdowns next week.

Week 2: I stuck with my plan of action and finished up the mix for Bref Control as well as Kade's in the Game. The documentation for the mixes is available in the project summary as it would be to much information to give on the weekly plan but I have included the mixes to listen to.

Week 3: This week I finished up the mix for Hoes Don't Get It (submitted below), but I also took a few sidesteps and recorded the bass and shakers for Asawa Ko. Listening to it about 100 times I felt that something in it was missing, and it was the only track that didn't have a live performance other then vocals... and I think I nailed it. The shaker definately added alot of swing and the bass just rounds out the bottom end so smoothly (the mixdown will be done for that this week). I also finished the art work for my CD cover. Photoshop is not my strong side so I kept it simple. Enjoy!!!!

EditWindow-HoesDontGetItScreen Shot 2015-10-25 at 1.57.20 PM

Week 4: This week was lots of admin/mastering work. I have all of the mixes complete (multiples of each track), and this week I started on my working masters. They are all finished as well. I will continue to analyze the masters in diffrent locations for consistency, document any issues that need to be addressed and spend the next week tightening the working masters up for distrobution. The project summary is complete, minus the authorization paper waiting to be sent back from my talent. My audio submissions are of the working masters and photos are of my sessions mix windows.

Hoes Dont Get It - Mix
Bref Control Mix
Kades In the Game-Mix

Week 5: (Un)fortunately all of my masters are completed. The only preliminary master that I wasn't happy with was Intro-Bref Control. After listening in the classroom on the KRK's it was brought to my attention that the bass was very thin, so I went back to the mix, pushed up the level, and pulled the HP filter back to 37Hz @18dB per octave, and its has brought life back into the track. Enclosed are the audio files and screen shots of the workflows for each song.

Hoes Don't Get It

Intro-Bref Control

Kades in The Game

Week 7: Preliminary masters are due this week. For my eq process, I didn't use an 'eq match' since I didn't use Ozone for my mastering. I used UAD vintage emulators, but below I have the pictures of my reference tracks spectrum analyzer, as well as my mastered tracks. I used a massive passive emulator as well as the UAD pultec and the results on paper are extremely similar to my reference tracks. I have upwards to 4db of headroom on my tracks which is spot on for the genre. The playlist sounds consistent from one track to the next. The artwork is finished for the project and it will be ready by week 9 for printing. As far as my checklist for the project, everything is complete.

Unfortunately, Wix isn't letting me upload pictures, but all of the pictures relevant to my mastering process is in the week 6 section above, as well as the audio examples of the finished tracks

Week 10: Project is finished 100% The project summary itself will be available for download after its final submittance. Attached to this weeks submission is the first page of the summary. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this. The EP itself will be available for download December 20th!

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